What I Got From Ulta...

'Tis the season to use those gift cards! I was sooo excited to get to have some fun shopping around in Ulta. Is anyone else like a kid in a candy store here?!

I absolutely LOVE all of the things I got and was really impressed with the prices I found. So without further ado, here are my honest reviews of what I got...

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E.L.F. Instant Lift Eyebrow Pencil: Confession: I've never "done" my eyebrows before. I have naturally dark hair, so consequently I have naturally dark brows. What I've always done is just brush them with a dried up mascara wand to "do" them. But when I saw that this pencil was only $2, I had to try it. And I love it. Couldn't recommend this more for both the price and quality.

Bed Head Waver: I've never used a waver before, so I was skeptical. I've been trying to be more conscientious about using heat on my hair. One of the ways I've been doing that is by sleeping in french braids to get that 'natural beach wave' look. But, I always find the top pieces never look quite right. So, I wanted to try this to see if that would help. And I am OBSESSED. This tool is so easy to use, it's practically fool proof. And I LOVE the waves it gives. 10/10.

Loving Tan Deluxe Mouse in Dark: I will be sharing a comprehensive self-tan review comparing and contrasting the different brands that I've tried. After I try this one for a few months, I'll post an honest review. So stay tuned for that :-)

Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation: I've always gone with cheap, drugstore foundation. But as I've gotten more serious about my skincare, I wanted to try and see whether or not a more quality foundation is.

Bondi Boost Heat Protectant Spray: Heat protectant is a MUST no matter how you're styling your hair. I've heard amazing things about this brand, and am so excited to try it out. So far, I'm a big fan.

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