Top Nordstrom Sale Picks

What's unique about the Nordstrom Sale is the items that are on sale are new arrivals for the upcoming season!

Honestly, this is also just a fun time for me to preview fall fashion--I don't know about y'all, but fall fashion is my all time favorite! It's also a fun way to see what's trend forecasting for 2021-2022.

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When it comes to shopping for a new season, I like to go in with a plan. I write down things that I am looking for that will be closet staples for the entire season.

Here is my Fall Wardrobe Wishlist:

  1. Booties

  2. Boots

  3. Winter Coat

  4. A good pair of heels

  5. Faux leather leggings

  6. Shacket

  7. Suede Skirt & Leather Skirt

  8. Sweaters

  9. Sweater Dresses

  10. Fall accessories

Prior to browsing the sale, I recommend you take inventory of your closet, and see what pieces for fall you already have, before looking at getting new things. Maybe you have a cute jacket tucked away that you forgot about, or you already have over the knee boots! Recall what you already have before determining what you might need.

If you are shopping the Nordstrom sale, this is a good place to get those quality basics that you'll be reaching for in your closet again and again--because they're going to last and be high quality!

Here is how the N-Sale Works:

If you are a Nordstrom Card Holder, you are granted early access to shop the sale. Access to shopping the sale is tiered off depending on how much you spend on your Nordstrom Card throughout the year. The more you spend, the sooner you gain access to the sale.

PS--I AM NOT, and never will, promote opening a credit card to get clothes (which is why I wrote THIS blog post sharing affordable Amazon dupes).

  • July 6- You will be able to Preview everything online that will be part of the Anniversary Sale.

  • July 12: Early Access for Icon Status Nordstrom Cardholders.

  • July 14: Early Access for Ambassador Status Nordstrom Cardholders.

  • July 16: Early Access for Influencer Status Nordstrom Cardholders.

  • July 28th: Nordstrom Sale open to the public.

  • Prices go back to full price on August 9th.

Here are my N-Sale top picks...

You can scroll down to the bottom of this post for my overall top ten picks of the sale!

Good American Jeans:

Good American Jeans are my favorite jeans EVER. Yes, they are pricer, but they're worth it. The quality is amazing and you'll wear them over and over. They hug your curves and mold to your body shape perfectly, provide lots of stretch, and are SO comfy! If you wanted to grab a pair, the N-Sale is the perfect time!

Good American Jeans Linked HERE!

Boots & Booties:

Nordstrom is a great place to get high end boots & booties because they truly DO last season to season. I like to grab staples like a classic pair of booties, and over the knee boots from the N-Sale because I know they'll last me all fall, and winter--and years to come.

Boots & Booties Linked HERE!


This is a good time to get those tops that you will grab form your closet again and again--because of the quality. I have my eye on the Free People Tunic, 2 Piece Sweater, and Tie-Back Sweater!

Tops Linked HERE!

Pants & Skirts:

I LOVE the faux suede and leather skirts! And the Free People Leather Pants & Spanx Leather Leggings are on the top of my wish list!

Pants & Skirts Linked HERE!

Dresses Under $60:

I picked the most versatile dresses that you could get the most wear of. The best part? All of 'em are under $60! And who knows....maybe you'll be seeing some of these in a fall capsule wardrobe in the future (*wink wink nudge nudge*)

Dresses Linked HERE!


I am obsessed with the faux fur coat, teddy jacket, and drapped front jacket!

Outwear Linked HERE!


Okay picture this: a chilly fall day curled up in some cozy loungewear with a barefoot dreams blanket! Ugh! Fall cannot come soon enough!

Loungewear Linked HERE!


Some of my all time favorite beauty products are on the N-Sale. You've heard me rave about Tula, Olaplex, and Laura Mercier--now would be a good time to try them while they're on sale!

Beauty Linked HERE!

**My Overall Top Ten**

  1. Good American Jeans

  2. Spanx Faux Leather Leggings

  3. Over-the-Knee Boots

  4. Snakeskin Booties

  5. Free People Tunic

  6. Barefoot Dreams Cardigan

  7. Peep Toe Booties

  8. 2-Piece Sweater

  9. Free People Leather Pants

  10. Faux Fur Coat

My Top 10 Picks Linked HERE!

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