Tips For Styling Shelves: Bathroom Edition

I am a sucker for floating shelves. This is for a few reasons...I feel like they make the ceiling look higher, they're easy to install....and, of course, it gives you even more space to decorate!! ;-)

Tip No. 1: Pick a cohesive theme.

For our bathroom shelves, I wanted to incorporate some elements to give it a natural feel and a transitional style. I did this by incorporating greenery, wooden elements, woven seagrass, and a botanical print.

Moreover, if you want your bathroom to have a 'beachhouse theme', you'd want to incorporate some elements to curate that vibe. Such as: a glass jar filled with seashells, a sea-glass bud vase, and maybe a print of your favorite beach sunset.

Decide what esthetic you are going for, and then incorporate elements in your design that will deliver on that feeling you're trying to create. This will help to give you direction while shopping for decor, as well.

Tip No. 2: Incorporate different textures.

Some of my personal favorite textures for a bathroom are: different tints of glass, woven seagrass, and wooden elements. You can add more texture by filling a glass jar with cotton balls; adding greenery; or even just by displaying some extra toilet paper in a cute basket.

You can also give the feel of different textures by picking different washes of glass--for example, amber-tinted, sea-glass.

I also love topping off decor design with a simple wood beaded garland.

Tip No. 3: Play with heights.

Place the taller objects on the outside of the vignette to anchor it, and place the smaller objects more towards the center.

Tip No. 4: Make it functional.

Use the lower shelves for storing functional necessities (like toilet paper)! You can make it cute by making a TP Pyramid on a shelf (like I did with ours), or placing it within a nice basket!

Tip No. 5: Make it cozy.

Add some cozy elements like a candle, some extra washcloths, and a little bin of anything your guests could need--this will make your space feel welcoming and inviting to guests.

Tip No. 6: Add something of sentimental value.

When Zack and I were first dating, he sent flowers to my work. I pressed those flowers and framed them. Now they're one of the elements included on our shelving decor. It makes me so happy to see them, and it's a cool story to tell!

Below is some inspiration for decorating your shelves. You can shop this post and all of my designs via my Like To Know It:

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