Organizing That Cluttered Closet in 4 Easy Steps

I love shows like The Home Edit. But you don’t need $200 at The Container Store to organize! Does it help? Absolutely! But you don’t NEED it! Today I’m going to show you how I turned this closet from a nightmare into a daydream! Before it was cluttered and had no structure. Now there’s a spot for everything and there's a clear system in place--these two things make a world of difference! And I did all of this with various containers we already had around the less than an hour!

Step 1: Take Everything Out.

You heard me! EVERYTHING!

Emptying your closet will show you two things: what space your actually working with, and what you actually have in that closet. (You might be surprised by allllll of the junk you accumulate over time!)

Step 2: Sort Through What You Have.

Expired medicine? Old sunscreen? Gross towels? Toss it!

Grab a trash bag and throw out anything that’s been cluttering up this space that isn’t needed.

Step 3: Categorize.

Group together like objects: towels, medicine, first aid, eye care, etc. Sort it all out so that everything is in a category. Then once you have your categories, you'll be ready to put it all away into an organized system!

Step 4: Make It Functional

What things are you taking out and putting away the most? Put things that are at your level there!

For me, my eye level is at the fourth row of shelving. And the item I grab and put away the most are bath towels. So that’s where my bath towels will live!

Objects I use the least are extra hair and makeup products, and medicine. So hair and makeup container will go at the bottom of the shelving system and medicine will go at the top!

If you follow these tips, be sure to send me a before and after picture--because nothing is more satisfying than seeing that clutter turn into an organized system!!

Tip: If you take a time lapse of you working it 1. Motivates you to not quit (haha), 2. Is so satisfying to watch back, and 3. Will make you feel SO accomplished with the work you've done! Also, it make a seemingly boring task FUN!

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