My AM Skincare Routine

When I turned 22 my skin changed in a dramatic way. I always had naturally plump, blemish free skin that required little to no maintenance. But once quarantine hit I started being prone to really uncomfortable acne breakouts, having hyper-pigmentation, and extremely dry skin. I played with my skin care regimen for the past year, and have finally found the AM regimen that I swear by! I mean, seriously, these products have transformed my skin.


1. Cleanse. I use Skin Scripts Green Tea Cleanser. (I buy mine through my aesthetician, Chloe--I cannot recommend her enough! You can find her on Instagram

2. Apply Toner. I use the Tula Toner--two pumps on a cotton pad and apply evenly to my skin.

3. Apply under eye cream. I use the Tula Revitalizing Eye Cream.

4. Apply acne spot treatment to any blemishes. I use the Tula "Go Away" Acne Spot Treatment by Tula.

5. Vitamin C. I use Tula's Tripple Vitamin C Serum.

6. Moisturizer. I use IT Cosmetic's Confidence In A Cream.

7. Sunscreen. I use Tula's Protect + Glow Daily Sunscreen.

8. Face filter primer. I swear by this one by Tula!

You can shop every product in this post via my Like To Know It:

Tip: I never knew that you should be wearing a sunscreen EVERY DAY! It doesn't matter if you're indoors or not. I heard it said this way, "It doesn't matter what skincare regimen you're doing if you're not applying sunscreen it won't make a difference." Woah. After hearing that, I decided to take this tip to heart and at least try it. I've seen a world of difference with the plumpness of my skin. Not only that, but I feel comfort in knowing my skin is protected from harmful UV rays & blue light damage!

Another game changing tip: Everything you do to your face you should do to your neck. Your neck deserves and needs moisturizer too, people!

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