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If you've been following along on Insta, you've been a part of the 'living room saga' and helped me as we planned to re-do our living room! Also, I would like to shoutout my dog, Nola, for being the catalyst of this project by vomiting on our old rug to the point of destruction, without whom, this project may have never started.

So, anyways (thanks to Miss. Nola) we started with the rug. Which is where I always recommend starting. The rug is what anchors a room. You want to see how the rug colors look with the furniture, and pull ideas for colors and textures that will be complimentary to this piece.

Once we had laid down the rug, I realized that something was 'off' in the room: this wall.

I loved (and still do) the way that this wall looked, but once the room had a new area rug to anchor it, this no longer 'went' with the room. The rug is a more transitional/mid-century-modern vibe. So this wall was the first thing to change. We removed everything from it, sold the chairs on Facebook Marketplace, and took down the wall decor to hang elsewhere in the home.

And then decided to make this a statement wall by way of Batten & Board. I wanted to do this to this wall for a few reasons...first being that it's huge. This is one of the largest walls in our home. And large art/frames look good on big walls. BUT they also cost an arm & a leg. So if we made the wall a statement wall by way of Batten-Board, we wouldn't have to pay to decorate it. Because the wall would make a statement on it's own (which was awesome news, because the frames lil' mama was eyeing up were $150 a pop--no thanks!!). The second reason being: it would make the room look bigger. Which is exactly what it did.

To see the full process of Batten & Boarding the wall, see this IG Reel.

I absolutely LOVE how it turned out, and we plan on doing a similar concept to a few rooms in the house--so stay tuned for that!

Once the wall was complete, I wanted to get an olive tree to brighten up the room. And more sleek, minimal, mid-century-modern accent chairs. We got these from Target--they're such a good price point, super comfortable & just downright gorgeous.

Then, I got new throw pillows & floor lamps from Target--both were amazing deals. And I cannot rave about our floor lamps enough! They even have a dimmer setting so you can make them as bright or dim as you want--which is perfect for a space like the family room where you do everything from read a book to watch a movie!

Oh, and here is some more decor featured in our living room (all from Target & Amazon, because why would it be from anywhere else?!).

You can find everything from our living room linked in LTK (and you can search by keyword to find what you are looking for. And you know ya girl loves to ball on a budget--so it is all super affordable!

Overall, I am THRILLED with how the project turned out. And not to sound too cheesy, but my heart literally swells with gratitude whenever I step into the room. We've been our home for coming up on one and a half years now; and we bought our home while we were in the process of paying for our wedding...two of the most expensive things to do, let me tell ya! So we didn't have much money to put into making our house feel like OUR home. And I am someone who is very much affected by the environment I am in. So to have worked so hard, saved so long, and been able to execute a vision that has been a dream in my mind for so long....well, it means so much to me!

Making a house your HOME takes time. And it's not something you want to rush, or put financial strain upon yourself over. It feels so much better to wait and save. And you'll appreciate it all the more! :)

So, what do you think?! I'd love to hear your thoughts on the reno!

You can see our living room's full transformation in this reel: from the time we bought our house to now!

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