Cozy, Clean Living Room Decor

One of my favorite things about interior design is not only creating a space, but it's creating a feeling. I love how the perfect combination of a color scheme, an area rug, and some simple throw pillows can transform a room into a welcoming home.

An important thing to consider when beginning to design is the flow of your home. Our living room lies at the front of our home, therefore it is the first space that guests walk into: making it their first taste of our little home. In consideration of this, think about how you want your guests to feel when they enter your home for the first time. Being an enneagram 2w3 (if you know, you know), the most important thing to me was that guests felt comfortable and welcomed.

Today I'm sharing how we designed our living room. And if you, like me, love a cozy, welcoming, and inviting space, I think you'll love these budget friendly items.

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End table: We love so many things about this end table. First off, it's beautiful. The shape and design are so unique, which is complimented so well by the timeless color combination. This end table is sturdy, easy to assemble, and a perfect height to go next to a couch or accent chair.

Blanket basket: This blanket basket looks so clean and chic and I much prefer it to the trend of the blanket ladder. It's more spacious than it appears--can store up to 5 of our blankets. Bonus: it looks beautiful out in the open or can be stored away. We haven't gotten our TV stand yet (like I've said before, it's a process), so for now we place it under our TV.

Throw blanket: This throw blanket might be one of my most prized possessions. It is soooo soft and cozy. It keeps you warm without making you overheat in 3.5 seconds like most soft blankets. AND our Golden Retriever Nola sleeps on it every day and it doesn't stain (which is saying something because for someone so cute, she sure can destroy anything with the color white in it!)

Floor lamp: This lamp is a splurge item for us. Compared to most floor lamps, it's a really good price, but we ball on a budget in this house. But let me tell you, it is worth every penny. Is it weird to say I stare this lamp just out of admiration several times a day? Probably. But it's true. The design, texture, and detail...ugh, it's just perfect.

Area rug: As I mentioned, we have a Golden who loves to turn white things...well, golden. (Or brown, depending on how muddy she plans on becoming that day.) We love how cozy and neutral this rug is and it truly does pull the space together. We got this rug in the Ivory/Slate color. However, it is a pain when it gets dirty. So, if you have dogs or kids or are just plain messy, I would not recommend this color; unless you have a carpet cleaner and a passion for cleaning rugs. We deep clean ours once a month and it's still in great condition; and for that price, I'd say the quality is fantastic.

Matted frames: I was on the hunt for frames like these at a good price for a while. I love the price and the style of these.

Chairs: I purchased these chairs when I moved into my first apartment and they have withstood the test of time. They do not easily stain, are super easy to assemble, and have greta detail (hello, tufting and nailhead trim!).

Now, it's always important to me that I mention that this DOES NOT happen over night. Decorating a home is a process that takes months and years. It's so easy to fall into the trap of wanting a space to be a 'finished product' off the bat and spend, spend, spend to make it so. A word from the wise: don't. Allow decorating your home and your space to be a process, and learn to love and appreciate the beauty of that process. Stop apologizing that things aren't 'just how you'd like them to be', and start appreciating the little things that make your house your home. When you live life this way, you won't break the bank and you learn to appreciate the little things so much more.

I remember seeing our seagrass tray in stores and trying to convince Zack that it was an "essential purchase" (oh, God bless that patient man). Since we had just moved into our first home and did not have much (if any) wiggle room in our budget, Zack came up with the idea of saving up lose change we had and could find until we had enough money saved to buy the coffee table decor. I will never forget the satisfaction of walking out of our Target with the seagrass tray that I had wished for and saved for--it makes it that much sweeter, and brings that much more joy every time I see it in our home! It may sound silly, but these are fun little ways to make designing a home cost effective and a way to pace yourself (and your spending).

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